How to Submit Your Question

Asking a question of Iron Mouth Consulting is easy. Below, just follow the directions either to choose items of information or fill out the appropriate boxes. Remember: the accuracy of our answer to the question depends entirely on you giving us accurate information.

The initial analysis of your question is absolutely free.

Step One: Choose the number of hours (from "01" to "12") in the time at which you asked your question: 

Step Two: Choose the number of minutes (from "0" to "59") in the time at which you asked your question. 

Step Three: Choose whether the time of your question is "a.m." or "p.m." If the time is exactly midnight, it is "a.m."; if exactly noon, it is "p.m."

Step Four: Choose whether daylight savings time or standard time was in effect at the time you asked your question.

Step Five: Choose the month in which you asked the question.

Step Six: Choose the number of days (from "1" to "31") in the month for the date on which you asked your question.


Step Seven: Enter the name of the city and state in which you asked the question.

Step Eight: Enter your complete email address.

Step Nine: Finally (and most importantly!), enter the question you want answered. Your question should conform to the rules for asking questions, but whether it does or not, put down the question exactly as you first asked (don't change a single word).


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