Iron Mouth's QBOTM "Thought of the Day"
The Scorpion Signal
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January 1998 [The Scorpion Signal]
1 Realism lost Early promise of a gritty tale gets lost in a fantasy ending.
2 Bracken appreciation Some respect for a little-acknowledged DiF.
3 A "disastrous blunder"?  I don't think so... Some questions about the purported reason for sending Q after Schrenk.
4 At last!  Q's age!  Or is it? Have we finally been given His Ferretship's correct age?
5 Zoya--a "crush"? Something going on between Quiller and his female renegade doctor friend?
6 Croder's status and the Bureau hierarchy Who is this Croder, anyway?
7 Security malfeasance and Shapiro Nagging questions about Shapiro and life before Schrenk.
8 So what are they afraid of? Bureau employees must know the facts about Shapiro--so why the white faces?
9 Bracken in the dark It's one thing to keep things from the exec, but not from the DiF.
10 The big lie Q's moment of self-deception.
11 Bracken:  untrustworthy? Maybe there's a reason for not letting Bracken in on "Scorpion."
12 Did Quiller lie down? Perhaps letting Schrenk get to the gun was no accident.
13 Talk about detailed intelligence! Sometimes the Bureau knows a lot, sometimes a little.
14 Memory Some remarks on the various kinds of memory Q practices in <Scorpion>.
15 Pride Some unfortunate things about that which goeth before a fall.
16 The fragmentary briefing The picture comes up in fits and starts, bits and pieces.
17 Leningrad cell Is blowing the cell such a much?
18 Pride (continued) Some fortunate things about that which goeth before a fall.
19 Pyotr Ignatov Some words about Schrenk's chief assistant.
20 Okay, did Schrenk lie down? Was Quiller given a boon?
21 Ignatov walks:  Why? Remarks on Ignatov's rather puzzling degree of influence.
22 Speed Why the onset of <Scorpion> seems suspiciously rushed.
23 Two Moscows At start and end, it's as if <Scorpion> takes place in two different cities.
24 Everything falling apart is put together Some comments on tying loose ends.
25 Yuri Gorsky An appreciation of a masterful portrait of the Russian upravdom.
26 Natalya Fyodorova Schrenk groupie and Kremlin secretary:  An assessment.
27 Grudges Some remarks on Schrenk's motivations.
28 Grudges, big and small What is really motivating Schrenk's vendetta?
29 Performance evaluation:  Quiller versus Schrenk You might be surprised at who comes out on top.
30 Speaking of bravado... Some criticism of Croder's machismo posing.
31 Close to reality? Does the Bureau really match cover identities to interests and abilities?