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Welcome to the beginning of a new era in Quiller studies.

You've reached "Iron Mouth's Quiller Scholar Pages," a site devoted to the serious study of Quiller novels.  I created this site in order to fill what I perceive to be a void in commentary on the nineteen novels (collectively referred to as "the Q-orpus") written about the shadow executive Quiller by his creator Adam Hall (Elleston Trevor).

In the future, it is anticipated that this site will become a focal point for people who choose to treat the Q-orpus, not as escapist entertainment (though it's very good as that!), but as the repository of the observations of the profoundly intelligent and remarkably insightful Mr. Trevor which go into fashioning Quiller's unique perspective.  As Quiller fans, we all know how special the character is; we also know how difficult our feelings are to explain to others.  Here, it is hoped, Quiller fans in need of validation will have found a haven, with contributors understanding this benign obsession and treating it with dignity and respect.

As regards the philosophy driving the site, that might be a little different from what one has come to expect on the Internet.

First, the site is not intended to be a forum where all opinions may be expressed without restraint; it ought not be seen as a soapbox, so to say, but more like a refereed academic journal (and, it is hoped, fairer and more impartial than the latter).  Unfortunately, in unrestrained venues, well-informed commentary is mixed with, and too often indistinguishable from, ill-informed assertion and declaration.  Here, the rule is that arguments must be well-fashioned, supported by evidence, and open to critical commentary.  Accordingly proposals for contributions will be blind-reviewed by two reviewers chosen by me (for more details, see "Information for Contributors").

Second, the site is intended to offer alternatives for the study of Quiller novels taken together in various combinations.  In other words, the site will focus on Q-orpus novels taken out of temporal sequence, and will not necessarily assume that the visitor has read those novels in some specified time frame.

Third, the discussion will be highly elevated, polite, correct as to grammar, and appropriate as to style.  Apologies will neither be made, nor criticism permitted, of site topics as being too "high-brow" or not immediately accessible to everyone who chooses to visit.

Finally, none of the above is to be taken as indicating any intention to exclude ideas from the site--quite the opposite.  Those of you who know me from my more "fun" site ("Iron Mouth's Quiller Puzzle Pages") are well aware that I not only have a sense of humor, but that I try as hard as I can to bring people into the serious study of Quiller novels by dint of extraordinary dedication and effort.

Nonetheless, while the watchword of my sites is always "inclusion," I am aware of how often in discourse one can say something in the plainest possible way and yet be understood to have said exactly the opposite.  It doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Iron Mouth (Rick Holt)

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December 31, 1997
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