Iron Mouth's QBOTM "Thought of the Day"
Quiller KGB
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May, 1998 [Quiller KGB]
1 Security Horrifying security lapses in the opening of <KGB>.
2 Time warp Some question about Quiller's recollection of his last mission.
3 Be prepared At last--a proactive approach to Bureau duplicity.
4 Aristocrat Perhaps Hall is using a cryptographic term incorrectly.
5 Chatty Signals A look inside a suspiciously talkative Signals Room.
6 Re-upping What, exactly, is the policy toward Bureau execs signing their lives away?
7 Musical hijinks? What up with Bill Collins and Dave Bowie?
8 All in all, a trifle sick of the Wall Okay, it's a symbol of oppression--I got it, I got it!
9 Front loading Why is the meat of <KGB> mostly in the first chapters?
10 Workingman's Q Celebration of the blue-collar Quiller.
11 Picnic Praise for the great scene between Q and Yasolev, at the picnic in the woods.
12 Relaxation counselor Q offers some puzzling advice on how to kick back.
13 Mirror images How Hall uses reflection to ratchet up suspense.
14 Theme and variation When we just know that Hall's going to do one thing, he goes and does something else
15 Sniper Some praise for the sniping scene in <KGB>.
16 Casual killing Concern for the trend toward casual killing in the latter Q-orpus.
17 Inconclusive conclusion Comparison of <KGB> with earlier Q-orpus offerings, asking, "How much does the end leave you hanging?"
18 Their Lordships? Examination of some different "admin. types" from the fourth floor--Chandler and Elliott
19 Judgment call A critique of the midflight radio call to Quiller at the start of <KGB>.
20 Swap meet Some remarks on the puzzling use of hostages and the like.
21 Yasolev Hall scores with yet another fascinating portrait of a Russian.
22 Blubberers A well-timed whack on the head for those who don't have the decency to sell out their country and then be quiet about it.
23 Luck Some comments on the fact and fiction about good fortune in the Q-orpus.
24 Place-feel Why does Q have to dance all over Europe getting ready for "Quickstep"?
25 Jump! Some kudos for a great action sequence.
26 Bumper cars Is creasing fenders of vulnerable women's cars really such a bad way to get access?
27 <KGB>:  Ten regrettable quotes The worst of the bad.
28 Cone business How to handle the intractable ferret--ignore him.
29 A-Q-robatics Some fancy footwork by the spry old-timer.
30 Endgame Why the climax scene comes across as so inept.
31 Breast-beating Two "reads" on Q's angst over torturing Dollinger.