Literary Allusions
in the Q-orpus

Penny Fielding

[Editor's note:  Penny Fielding, a professor of literature, has gathered from the Q-orpus a number of well-known literary quotations, or near-quotations, used by Adam Hall as elements of his first-person Quiller narration.  In this edition are also a couple of contributions from Taras Stasiuk.  Some of them you are sure to recognize, others you may not; in any case, they give us another view of Elleston's remarkable eclecticism.]

From contributor Taras Stasiuk, these two allusions:
  • "Alas, poor Yasolev." [Quiller KGB, 14:65]
  • "Into the breach, dear friends, let nothing us dismay, so forth..." [Quiller KGB, 4:208]

  • And another, from Penny Fielding:
  • "...tonight I wanted real professionals about me, my good friend, not yonder Cassius." [Quiller Barracuda, 18:199]

  • "...ours not to reason why, so forth..." [Quiller KGB, 1:79]

  • And two more from the same source...
  • "Someone had blundered..." [The Scorpion Signal, 02:59]

  • "Mine not to reason why, of course....  Mine but to do or die, yes, quite." [The Scorpion Signal, 15:49-50]

  • "Theirs not to do or die, theirs but to stand and wait, so forth."  [Quiller KGB, 25:112]

  • "...he's got promises to keep before he sleeps..." [Quiller Bamboo, 13:56]

  • "Night and silence, who is here?" [Quiller Meridian, 19:08]

  • "...not with a whimper, gentlemen, with a bang when it's got to come." [Quiller/Northlight, 01:76]

  • "Tiger, tiger burning bright, in the warehouse of the night" [Quiller/Northlight, 22:69]

  • "'I fear he doth protest too much,' I said." [Quiller KGB, 27:09]

  • "The shark thing had just been impulsive, but it proved their intention:  death in the afternoon."  [Quiller KGB, 12:100]

  • Do you have a favorite literary allusion in the Q-orpus?
    It doesn't have to be a direct quotation
    (few of the ones caught by Penny are),
    but if you do notice one, just send the complete reference to me,
    including, if possible, the quotation from the Q-orpus;
    the novel, chapter, and approximate point in the chapter
    from which it is taken; and the original quotation and
    as much of its source as you know.  I'll include your submission
    on the list and give you credit for finding it.

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