Rules for the Vocabulary Quiz

Reading a Quiller novel offers a number of benefits, beyond simply the delight of being drawn into an enjoyable adventure very well told.  One benefit is the stretching of one's vocabulary, which Adam Hall accomplishes by his liberal use of strange words, including extensive quotations in other languages.  I especially appreciate the respect Hall shows the reader by seldom translating the other language, as well as leaving it to the reader to discover the meaning of unusual English words (or those borrowed into English).

This month the vocabulary quiz has again been done by Penny ("Wordmaster") Fielding.  

On the vocabulary quiz page, Penny has listed ten unusual words from the current QBOTM, together with four alternative definitions of each word.  Your task is to select (preferably without peeking!) the correct definition of each word.  You will find some, though not all, of these words in the dictionary.  If, prior to resorting to the dictionary or other source, you want to try to discover the meanings of the words in context, Penny has included after each word the chapter and paragraph from which they were taken.

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