Rules for the Word Search Puzzles

This month I have featured two word search puzzles, easy and hard.  In the grid for both puzzles are hidden the names of 20 people, places, or things that play a role in this month's QBOTM.  

For both puzzles, words can be spelled in any direction except left-to-right, and top-to-bottom (those are too easy!), including all diagonals.  Thus, the directions a word can be spelled are:  (1) right-to-left; (2) bottom-to-top; (3) up diagonal, left-to-right; (4) up diagonal, right-to-left; (5) down diagonal, left-to-right; and (6) down diagonal, right-to-left.  All names not in public domain are copyrighted, 1989, by Elleston Trevor. 
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