September Edition

Dedicated to the memory of Elleston Trevor (Adam Hall),
the greatest writer of espionage fiction who ever lived. 

[Background graphic from cover of The Quiller Memorandum, copyright by Jove Books, 1986.  Home button "Crypto-Q" and banner title "Q-Corpus" graphics copyright by Iron Mouth, 1997.  All other names, titles and quotations not in the public domain copyright by Elleston Trevor.]

This month's featured work:
Adam Hall's classic novel of unresolved resentment, political turmoil,
highwire gymnastics, crime reporting, creative travel arrangements, and
(next to espionage) the world's oldest profession. . .
Quiller Meridian

Grateful "thank-you's" to some important folks
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 Important Notices! 
If this site's not enough to sate your benign obsession with Quiller, you'll want to visit Iron Mouth's Quiller Scholar Pages (featuring an extraordinary forum which includes the essay "Quiller and the Secret World" by Jeffrey Simser, as well as commentaries by Penny Fielding, Michael Gazaway, Mike Neumann, and Tim Stevens--plus three newspaper articles memorializing Elleston Trevor, and a complete Index to all the previous "Thoughts of the Day").

And, next on the horizon... The Norfolk Training Facility (An Iron Mouth Quiller Fantasy Page)!

If you haven't already, sign on to the Quiller Mailing List.  Not only is it free, you'll learn a whole lot about the Quiller Book of the Month [QBOTM], Quiller Meridian (and much more).  Check it out for yourself, and while you're at it, see the Unofficial Quiller Web Site, just updated with several great new features! if that weren't enough, the man who helped Jon Peralez invent the Quiller Mailing List, Brian Casey, has created a spiffy new, easy-to-use web page, so you can access the archived messages on the Quiller Mailing List.  No more do you have to issue individual commands to the list in order to find out who said what about which issue when (not, that is, unless you absolutely want to)!  With Brian's search engine, you just type the keyword you want to search for, and it finds the references to that keyword in the messages that have been posted to the list.  If you'd prefer, you can also see a digest for each month.  It's as easy as scrawling "Mission accomp., exec. withdrawn" on the bottom of the Signals board!  Grateful thanks from the Q-mmunity to Brian Casey for yet another outstanding contribution to Quiller studies!

What a great time to be a Quiller fan!

The Search Continues...
Those who send me by email ( the correct answer to more than one of the cryptograms (that is, the three substitution ciphers, the two Playfairs, and the Vigenere cryptogram), by midnight, CDT, October 1, 1998) will have their names (or anonyms, if they prefer) displayed on a special "Elite Executives" page.
Send your word puzzles and suggestions for
guest essays written by yourself
[or someone  else I can bug and harrass]

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