Iron Mouth's QBOTM "Thought of the Day"
Quiller's Run
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April, 1998 [Quiller's Run]
1 Something so fake... Some comments on the contrived beginning.
2 Battle, water, loo, so forth Remarks on the great battle scene between Kishnar and Quiller.
3 The unidimensional Q Why Quiller can't possibly be as "one-note" as he comes across in <Run>'s beginning.
4 Unseen Q In <Run>, some previously hidden views of Quiller.
5 Quadruple-think A rather tricky narrative device fails.
6 The Bureau, the best A great assessment by Pepperidge.
7 SOP Why the forfeiture of the lives of execs is just part of the routine.
8 Out of position Why does everybody in <Run>'s beginning seem to be doing the wrong things?
9 Disrespect? Is the treatment of Q at <Run>'s outset an example of calculated disrespect?
10 Charlie--finally sent out? Did the Canadian finally go out on the hopeless mission?
11 Shields Some comments on the Bureau employees Q hates most.
12 Security Some slipping in standards of security in the latter Q-orpus.
13 Trying too hard In portraying Shoda's at the "sho-down," Hall may have overreached himself.
14 Can you say, "hubris"? Comments on that which goeth before a fall.
15 Patience and prickliness Why Q's criticism of Loman is--especially for him--laying it on a bit thick.
16 Curses! The rather troubling increase in coarse language in the latter Q-orpus.
17 Gullibility Q-uotient Overstretching credulity in <Run>.
18 Machismo Some objectionable masculine posing in <Run>.
19 Objectionable sexism:  Five examples Some overstepping of the bounds in the portrayal of women.
20 Crash scene With Q's investigating of the airplane crash, Hall achieves one of his very best scenes.
21 Keep your eye on the ball If Q'd kept on focus, he might have been able to save Veneker.
22 Tung and Cho Comparison of portrayals of two martial arts masters.
23 Throwback A reaction to crying hearkens back to the earlier Quiller.
24 Confirmation More evidence that Hall's use of the term, "karma," is opportunistic.
25 Gushy Katie The over-emotional, hyper-talkative Ms. McCorkadale.
26 "Impeccable"?  Impossible! Why it's not a good idea to be too trusting of Katie.
27 Black box A classic scene where Q and two others listen to the last words spoken in the cabin of a doomed aircraft.
28 Parenting Is the Bureau Q's surrogate parent?
29 Who's in charge here? Too many supervisors.
30 Political overload II More on the intrusion of politics into the latter Q-orpus.