Iron Mouth's QBOTM "Thought of the Day"
The Peking Target
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February, 1998 [The Peking Target]
1 Why so hesitant? Some remarks on Q's reticence in taking on "Jade One."
2 A matter of convenience How <Peking>'s beginning is helped by a configuration of convenient circumstances.
3 More on Croder Continuing confusion on the role of the "skeletal scarecrow."
4 Minefield Commentary on the radio transmission scene, one of the best in the Q-orpus.
5 Breach in policy The Bureau's rule about "no information before commitment" is violated.
6 Overdraft Several things that strain credibility.
7 Talkfest A little "talk" on the overly chatty characters of <Peking>.
8 Expos-o-fest Examples where there's a bit too much background material given.
9 The loose end to end loose ends The long-delayed explanation of how Spur may have been killed.
10 The well-known Quiller For a "secret agent," lots of folks know lots of stuff about Our Fave Ferret.
11 Laxity in the face of danger Three places where Q should have been more careful.
12 Spur's folly How did this guy get to be an agent?
13 Americans Hall assays some portrayals of folks from the country he would call home.
14 A Valentine Day's gift:  Moira's last name! Sutherland.
15 Yang attack Some comments on one of the better Q-orpus combat scenes.
16 Brevity:  The soul of suspense Brief is better.
17 Croder:  Closet team player? Is Croder a management consultant in disguise, sent to reign in the over-individualistic?
18 What "six missions"? Some commentary on the tantalizing reference to other Ferris-Quiller teamings.
19 Helen de Haven Why I don't like her very much.
20 Let the reader beware More strain on reader credibility.
21 The ten dumbest quotations from TPT Here they are.
22 Risky business Can we assume no knowledge of English at the monastery?
23 Ferrisisms Three of the best from the Old Roach Stomper.
24 Croder:  Genius or bumbler? Some alternative readings on the oft-cited competence of Croder.
25 Espionage:  Three great metaphors from TPT Again, Hall finds great ways to help us view spycraft.
26 The end Remarks on a really terrible ending.
27 Karma Some remarks on agency in <Peking>.
28 Nice job Kudos to Hall on his portrayal of Asian interpersonal communication.