Iron Mouth's QBOTM "Thought of the Day"
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March, 1998 [Northlight]
1 DiF as constant Some analysis of why the director tends not to be harassed in the field.
2 Hair-raiser Another candidate for the honor.
3 Excellent code Great examples of speech code.
4 Sauce for the goose Why Quiller should be held to the same parole and countersign standards he imposes on others.
5 Ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Moira...who? If her name changes that fast, she really must be mysterious!
6 Croder:  Who is this guy? What happened to the old Croder?
7 Falling out at the Bureau? Somewhere along the line, did Ferris and Croder have a little tiff?
8 Back to square one Turns out <Northlight>'s "explanation" of why the DiF is sacrosanct is no explanation at all.
9 Fane!!  I want to live forever... Is Fane the ultimate survival expert?
10 The "betrayal" myth Why Quiller was not betrayed by Bureau.
11 Q and Demichev On the confrontation between Quiller and a representative of the "new KGB."
12 Another fascinating Russian Volodarskiy takes his place in Hall's gallery of great Russian characters.
13 More politics, less mystery The more we learn about international politics, the less Hall is able to control his plot.
14 Slumming? Ferris steps over the line in describing other missions.
15 Does Ferris live in Tokyo? Why does the Old Roach Stomper always seem to be coming from Japan's biggest city?
16 The sub How do we explain the two Croders, the "Hopper Croder" and the "Niven Croder"?
17 St. Patrick's Day Toast A Quiller-appropriate toast for the holiday.
18 Quiller, critic accessories? How Q manages his world of signs by attending to the unlikeliest of stimuli.
19 Payback? Did Quiller finally catch the "model railroader" from T9D?
20 Despair Comments on Hall's brilliant discussion of the bleak, ennervated corruption in the Soviet Union.
21 Spookspeak, verbal and nonverbal Some classic communication between espions in <Northlight>.
22 Emotion and caring Why the "emotional" Q is a farce.
23 Privacy Is the world of Quiller really private?
24 Retirement What happens to execs when they leave the field?
25 Risky business By what logic does Q take the truck bomb with him to the rdv at the trainyard?
26 Relational relaxation In the latter Q-orpus, Q lightens up in his contacts with other execs.
27 Why Fane is good The underrated DiF gets some long overdue "props."
28 Bon appetit Feeding the cat--best scene in the whole series.
29 Sisters, foolin' Q for themselves The master deceiver is well gulled by a couple of female espions.
30 Karasov the invisible A masterful job of erasing the identity of the <Northlight> turncoat.
31 Decline <Northlight> gives us the occasion to track Hall's account of the decline of the Soviet empire.