Iron Mouth's QBOTM "Thought of the Day"
The Kobra Manifesto
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November, 1997 [The Kobra Manifesto]
1 Some other feelings Discussion of Quiller's emotions in early and latter Q-orpus.
2 Zarkovic Some concerns about airplane crash as plot device.
3 Interpol Remarks on frequently-appearing references to the international police organization.
4 Humility alert! Some comeuppance for the ultracompetent Quiller.
5 That bloody Egg! A tribute to the much-missed Egerton.
6 13 unique or nearly-unique things about TKM For better or worse, what sets TKM apart.
7 The Lordship scam Was "the fool in Room 6" a setup?
8 Pop culture indulgences How does the well-bred ferret spend his free time?
9 Patchwork Some observations on the rambling structure of TKM.
10 Kobra--why the Bureau? Why the Bureau should probably have stayed out.
11 Keystone Kobra Individually, they're not bad, but together, they're a mess!
12 Ferris bound A concerned appraisal of Our Fave DiF's sidelines role in the final phases.
13 Adam Hall--merry prankster? Is Our Fave Author having a bit of fun with TKM?
14 The Slav Some remarks about Q's "visitor."
15 Quiller, Ripley, and the question of interference Some comparisons of activity between Hall's Quiller and Highsmith's "Monsieur Tome."
16 Operational glitches An even dozen of SNAFU ("Situation Normal, All, er, Fouled Up") candidates from TKM.
17 More on interference:  The Fogel caper How would Tom Ripley have handled Heinrich Fogel?  A speculation.
18 A tale of two cities Some comparisons between one of Hall's worst airport scenes and one of his best.
19 Some nice things about TKM 'Cause my Mom told me to.
20 Two airports and a tale of two styles More on Hall's airports, good and bad.
21 TKM death toll A shocking account of the blood and gore in TKM.
22 Reassessing the "wet look" Giving Steadman a little respect.
23 What happened to Robert Finberg? A little let down by the explanation.
24 Did Hall get tired of Quiller? Some speculation as to why TKM is so weird.
25 Quiller Q-omebacks Top ten list of Quiller's snappiest, zingiest replies to dumb comments or questions.
26 Hooters!! The most ridiculous cliches from TKM, the worthiest of the worthy for catcalling.
27 Giving thanks Thanksgiving Day appreciation of TKM.
28 What's in a title? Another way of analyzing Our Fave Texts.
29 Why no anger, Q? A mystified speculation as to why Q's not more upset at the Egg.
30 Sisters, dissin' Q for themselves Three feisty females fire back at Our Fave Ferret.